And NOW…Mary’s Pence!

By , June 15, 2010 12:22 am

For at least a thousand years, annual collections have been taken up enabling the Church scattered across the world to assist with the costs of the Holy See, the papacy, with its various organizational responsibilities, not the least of which is charity. The title, “Peter’s Pence,” is a cute symbol. Actually, the collection brings in millions of dollars on that single Sunday when collections are taken up all over the world. These funds are needed and well used but something new is developing on the scene – Mary’s Pence. It is no secret that women are sensitive and concerned about the pressing issues that face women all over the world from New York City to the Congo. It is very encouraging to see women’s organizations and women’s rights flowering into real progress. It is not coming fast enough but it is coming. The small but important example of a fast developing thrust of women’s role in the larger society and the Church has been the creation of Mary’s Pence. It is a grassroots community that promotes Catholic social change by directing donated resources to small women’s projects in the Americas. They don’t have the collection structure that the dioceses across the country have, but they are providing us with an extraordinary example of concern for justice, individual initiative and a willingness to work in the most difficult of places. Write Mary’s Pence for a copy of their newsletter – 1000 Richmond Terrace, G304, Staten Island, New York 10301, (718) 720-8040,

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