Pray for the Christians in Sudan

By , January 7, 2011 5:50 am

I have touched several times of late on the upcoming election in Sudan.  On January 9th, there will be referendum as to whether or not southern Sudan should secede and form a separate nation.  The whole country agreed to this referendum and I hope that the whole world will be watching intensely.

Most of the power in Sudan has been held in the north where the population is Arab and Muslim.  The population in the south is mostly black and Christian, but in the past it lacked the strength to resist the murderous attacks of the Sudanese government that took the lives of probably several hundred thousand people.

President Obama dispatched John Kerry as a special envoy to try and work out a peaceful separation and has offered many incentives to Khartoum to behave and carry out the results of the referendum.  We wish Kerry every success.

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