The Gift of Memory

By , November 26, 2013 5:31 am

While most of us are hurrying around to get ready for the great feast of thanksgiving, I would like to raise a few points for your consideration that really call for serious, in depth gratitude. I’ll mention two today- the gift of memory and the gift of imagination.

Think about it. Did you see your husband or son or daughter come home from Iraq or Afganistan? You were at the airport, and you saw him several hundred yards away. What an explosive, joyful experience! You had it then, but if you direct your memory toward that event, you can relive it again. Memory enables us to reach back to all that is beautiful and enjoyable, and in a very real sense, relive it. Recreate it. Celebrate it! What a gift!

Memory, of course, can have its down side. We have all experienced pain and no one wants to “recreate” pain. but the downside of memory is minor compared to this gift’s ability to extend joy and pleasure in our lives.

Another comparable gift, and I’ll refer to it later on, is the gift of imagination. Our brain and our mind work together in harmony, giving us the power to look into the future, and to plan on what we are going to do, how we are going to do it, and project the ramifications of this awesome faculty.

Lets take both gifts together. You’re seated at the Thanksgiving table, and without moving from your chair, you can go back to the time when your first grandchild was born beautiful and healthy. At the same time, you can look into the future, and prepare for it so that as the events unfold in your life, you can handle it as effectively as possible. These two gifts together give us a capacity for living that extraordinarily expands the moment. The moment is awesomely important, but it has meaning only in the context of yesterday and tomorrow.

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  1. Clare R Hudspeth says:

    Amen! So true and important. Happy Thanksgiving!

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