Cause for Optimism

By , December 14, 2013 5:37 am

December 15, 3rd Sunday of Advent

I don’t think that I am the laziest man in the world, but like most human beings I am often tempted to take a shortcut. The temptation is hovering over me right now and why should I resist when there is such a great reason to plagiarize without getting sued. Thus I will hit on Isaiah.

In the first reading that you will hear tomorrow morning, the voice of Isaiah will come flashing across the thousands of years and it is a voice of joy and optimism. Let’s listen to him as he provides a beautiful prayer and frame of reference to the approaching celebration of the birth of Jesus.

“Strengthen the hands that are feeble
Make firm the knees that are weak
Say to those whose hearts are frightened
Be strong fear not
Here is your God
He comes with vindication
Then will the eyes of the blind be open
The ears of the deaf be cleared
Then will the lame leap like a stage
And the tongue of the dumb will sing”

Now that is a program!
Be ready. It is very close.

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