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Hello! This may be our first meeting, and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself, and why a Bishop would be starting a blog at this point in my career. God has blessed me with a wide range of interests, strong opinions, and a love for conversation. This modern vehicle enables me to utilize my desire for communication and at the same time, insert my views into many problems that beset both the Church and the larger society.

I have been a priest since 1956, and became the Bishop of Austin in 1985. Now, I’ve been retired from that post for ten years, and am happy to have the opportunity to communicate with you. For me, retirement means not having to run a diocese, but I am still deeply involved with St. Edwards University, Seton Medical Center, and many secular organizations in Central Texas. Needless to say, I help out frequently for Mass and the Sacraments in local parishes. Once a priest, always a priest!

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  1. Sean McCaffrey says:

    Bishop McCarthy,

    Thank you for listening to our Holy Father, I miss hearing you from the pulpit and will now follow you here. I pray your continued good work is blessed!

    Your friend,

    Sean Patrick McCaffrey

  2. Steve Braden says:

    Dear Bishop John, Celeste hooked me up with your blog. Love it so far. Thank you for all your wonderful loving leadership ! I miss you and would love to see you again. Steve Braden

  3. Jim Harrington says:

    “A New Leader Confronts Catholics’ Disaffection,” New York TImes (11/23/10)

    The photo of Archbishop Dolan, wondering why so many people are leaving the Catholic Church says it all: a well-appointed office and elegant medieval attire. Catholics leave the Church because its leaders do not practice or preach the Gospel with authenticity. This contradiction is what drives people away. Rather than declaring “the Year of the Mass,” to increase Sunday attendance, as Dolan wants, the bishops should declare “the Year of the Gospel” and begin to address a world racked by poverty, war, injustice, and selfishness. The bishops can start by donating their trappings of a past era to the poor and living simply, as Jesus did, in service to others. That would help them understand us. I am a Catholic, go to church, and try to live the Gospel; but I am disgusted with the leadership and understand totally why the pews around me on Sunday are increasingly vacant.

  4. Bishop John says:

    Thanks for your comments. I am in close to complete agreement, but you are mixing up priorities and symbols. The trappings you refer to are meaningless economically- they’ve cost me around $3000 over the last 40 years. That wont accomplish much in terms of the agonizing poverty of today. Keep fighting!

  5. Bishop John says:

    Let me know when the Braden reunion occurs!

  6. Tom Helmer says:

    Great to see you on the web and look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    On a side note, we had are first 2011 Catholic build meeting today. I hope you will be able to make it out to site this year. We are targeting starting the end of January. Peace!

  7. Janet Monteros says:

    I found your website quite by accident and was totally delighted to see you are still actively involved, curious, passionate and ministering to all of us! You are a walking, talking and blogging blessing!!! I will follow your blog, God Bless you!

  8. Bishop John says:

    Thank you for your support!

  9. Rev. Jim F. Chamberlain says:

    I was turned on to your blog after having a marvelous dinner a few weeks ago with a good friend, Fr. Mike Sis, the Vicar General of our Diocese. You ordained both of us back in 1986.

    I love reading your blogs, Bishop! and occasionally I might (if I may) use an idea or two to spin into a full-fledged homily. The harvest is plenty, and sometimes the ideas are few. Ha!

  10. Fr. Jim F. Chamberlain says:

    Wonderful thoughts on the Church’s need to address domestic abuse and alcoholism. I have been working in El Salvador, where I have seen the Pentecostal churches address these issues effectively in a once-Catholic area. There is enough work and many laborers needed in God’s vineyard regarding these two dreadful societal issues.

  11. Fr. Jim F. Chamberlain says:

    Bishop, I love your blog and am following it nearly every day. Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom, insight, and sense of humor with us!

  12. Clare Hudspeth says:

    Dear Bishop McCarthy, Thank you for this most welcome blog — which I just discovered. CBS Sunday Morning, Dec. 4th, reminded me that I need to find an honest and effective way to work for positive change in the Church. Miss seeing and hearing you. All God’s blessings to you.

  13. Bishop John says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Jim! Let’s keep moving forward, doing our Lord’s work,

  14. Bishop John says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  15. Fr. Kevin L. Badeaux says:

    Enjoy reading your blog. Prayers and best wishes on this the anniversary of your ordination to the episcopate!

  16. julian jannise says:

    Hello Bishop,
    We met some years ago in Austin, I was visiting my friend Father Rocco Perone while he was bed ridden, you stopped in to check on him,and I was there. I thought he really appreciated you stopping by to see him.

  17. Bishop John says:

    Dear Kevin, Thank you so much! Let’s keep working together to rejuvenate this battered Church.

  18. Yep….

    I couldn’t have said it better myself……

  19. Great blog article.Much thanks again. Great….

    I really enjoy the article.Really thank you! Fantastic….

  20. Tim says:

    Bishop John, Tim here from St. Mary’s Seminary.
    you the man.

  21. Bishop John says:

    And the same goes for you!

  22. Callen Hajda says:

    Bishop John,
    I’m from Granger and went and go to SS. Cyril & Metholius School and Church. I believe you know my grandmother Henrietta Hajda. Anyway, I love to read your articles. They truly bring out the truth in this hurting world.

  23. Greg Guthrie says:

    Bishop McCarthy -
    This is a great blog!
    Please see my thesis at :

    God bless,
    Greg Guthrie

  24. Alberto & Blanca Garcia says:

    Bishop: we just came back from a Holy Rosary for a dear friend. I remembered your blog from August 17, 2012 about death and our faith in eternal life. Your words were comforting and we posted your blog on Facebook so that anyone in need of peace may find comfort in your words and your faith.

    We love you and pray for you daily.

    Paz, Alberto & Blanca Garcia, Austin TX

  25. Bambi Lynn Shepherd says:

    Dear Bishop McCarthy, do you remember me picking you up in Galveston w Archbishop in regards to the big Halloween Party To raise the funds to purchase property for Covenant House Houston? It was quite a fun ride and I remember fondly your patience at that outrageous Halloween event. I am a tall redhead, Bambi Lynn Shepherd and we were in a gold Jaguar in 1984 I believe. How are you? My health (eyes) are not good and I did read your blog. Thank you for inspiration. Covenant House is Strong and doing well. I am back home w family in Ohio. God Bless

  26. Bishop Mc Carthy,
    Love your blog. I bought 3 copies of your book, but could not make it to St. Louis last Sunday. Will you have another book signing?
    Have a blessed day,
    Margaret McKinney

  27. Bambi Lynn Shepherd says:

    Dear Bishop McCarthy: I hope all is well with you and I wanted you to know that Halloween is about here again (do NOT shake your head like that) and I’m still doing good for the kids….. no limos and million $ events w the socialites, but even the little ones I first met in strollers, come back to say Hi after graduations now! Will send some pics. I also have been in touch with some fundraisers from Houston as to doing a event for Children with Cancer and you know that is what I can do. I have been through I hope enough of what God stacked on my plate for a while because I’m on my “knees”, one knee now, so to speak but still carrying it. So,do you ever come to Cleveland Ohio??? And,I promise there is no room or ability for the craziness but plenty for fun when I finish with a few surgeries. I need to keep helping others. It makes me happy. I believe you have my email and phone #. Let me know. I think the time is here to let people see how simple a smile can make someone’s day including their own. Love always, God Bless

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