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Adam and Jesus

By , March 8, 2014 4:01 am

March 9th, First Sunday of Lent
It started last Wednesday where those of us who went to Church on that day, were marked by and reminded that life on this planet is limited, very limited. Today’s readings go beyond symbols and confront us with profound ideas about reality, about our relationship with God and the reality of temptation and sin. In St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, he reminds us that sin entered into the human story at the very beginning where Adam turned away and severed the relationship with his loving Creator.

Sinfulness has marked the human story from the very beginning. It was a depressing story, except for a thin line of hope that, through the prophets, Yahweh had promised that a Savior would come. Just as through Adam’s sin we were all damaged, when that Savior arrived the damage would be undone, redemption would be achieved.

Today’s text frames Adam and Jesus together each producing awesome results – Adam’s sinfulness and Jesus’ redemption. The Church calls upon us to meditate on this reality and to embrace it. The Church encourages us to look at the fact that when divinity stepped into the human story and dealt with us through a very real human nature, that Jesus was one with us, not in sinfulness, but in experiencing temptations. Jesus goes into the desert to prepare for the beginning of his public life. Time after time, he is tempted to commit the sin of pride but he pushes temptation to do evil aside and confronts with the devil a steadfast commitment and faithfulness to Yahweh.

“You should do homage to your Lord, your God and him alone should you adore.”

The text says that when the devil left, the angels came and waited upon him. We are invited to do the same thing during the next six weeks.

Lent is here, let us utilize this spiritual gift.

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