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The Film is the Thing

By , January 6, 2011 4:54 am

Yes, the film is the thing.  Isn’t that what Shakespeare said, or something very much like it?  I have always enjoyed good movies, but I never had the slightest desire to get into the process of learning how to make them.  However, today’s generation is different.  For reasons that are mysterious to me, there is a powerful and fascinating desire among a large percentage of young people to develop the skills connected with movie production.  I found this an especially strong desire and tendency among young Hispanics.  For this reason, a small school has developed over in East Austin called Austin School of Film and its main outreach program is called “Cine Joven.” There they are training scores of young bilingual children in technology, mentoring, acting, script writing and producing.  They are even writing their own Telenovela for Spanish Speaking Television.

Why is this important?  Regretfully, minority children frequently feel marginalized and that they are not part of the main flow of the society in which they live. Seeing themselves in the movies and making those movies themselves is an extraordinarily uplifting experience for these kids.  My heartfelt congratulations to Anne Kelley who is the driving force behind this school.  The address of the Austin School of Film is 1634 East Cesar Chavez, Austin, Texas 78702. Here is their website:

If you have any money left over from Christmas, send them a gift.  If you don’t, send them a smaller gift!

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