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Yet Another Step Forward

By , January 9, 2014 1:14 am


I knew my paternal grandfather but not for long as he died in 1947. When he was born in 1859, the United States of America permitted three to four million human beings to live out their lives as slaves. That is about 155 years ago. Starting with the Civil War, our shamed nation has slowly plodded forward towards fulfillment of the ideals in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

1862 – the Emancipation Proclamation
1865 – the 13th Amendment
1940’s – Jackie Robinson breaks into baseball
Late 1940’s – Marion Sweatt, after having fought for his country, is denied admission to the University of Texas Law School
Early 1950’s – Black youths denied entrance into St. Mary’s Seminary, Houston
1954 – Supreme Court orders end to segregated schools but it doesn’t happen
1964 – The first major civil rights act followed by a half dozen others through the influence of Lyndon Johnson
2004 – Barack Obama elected President of the United States
2014 – Charlie Strong becomes head coach at the University of Texas

This may not mean a lot to many younger people today but any person of my age and who remembers “The Way We Were!” can appreciate this decision with thankfulness that slowly – slowly – slowly we are moving towards the ideals on which this country was founded. For that let us thank God.

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Death – Death – Death

By , February 18, 2013 4:52 am

All of us find ourselves bombarded by the news. It is available now 24 hours a day, seven days a week in many different formats. There is a lot to choose from but I have long held that the top of the line in news programs is public television’s late afternoon program, “The News Hour” which appears Monday through Friday and the best is Friday because on that day Mark Shields, the liberal commentator, and David Brooks, a conservative, discuss the issues in a way that is regretfully rare today. They do it intelligently, calmly, politely, each showing great respect to the opinions of the other.
Mark Shields startled many of his listeners two weeks ago with the amazing statement that there have been 1,384,000 fire arms related deaths in the United States since the night that Robert Kennedy was killed. If that wasn’t bad enough, he went on to say that total civilian deaths from guns in our country exceeds that all the wars in our country’s history from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War, World War I, World War II in those 45 years. The first reaction of many listeners was wide-spread denial. We know that the Civil War took more than a half a million lives and World War II almost as many. There was so much denial that went to work and their research justified Shields comments. In the United States history 1.2 million Americans died in wartime and nearly 1.4 million Americans died by fire arms outside the context of war during these 45 years.
The gun right lobby continues to spike terror into the hearts of political candidates in borderline election victories. Sooner or later, America must deal with this awesomely destructive reality.

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