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Table Talk

By , November 27, 2013 5:44 am

I’m sorry you didn’t hear her. Actually, I didn’t either…I love my sister-in-law very much, but the in-laws are all so loud, and my hearing is certainly weakening.

I love the joy of Thanksgiving, but I must confront the fact that virtually every large family gathering across the country provides the potential of disappointment, hurt feelings and even conflict. Perhaps it’s true that your brother-in-law has not paid you back that $200, and it’s certainly true that “Maureen” talks too loudly, but this is THANKSGIVING! All those small, petty irritations that nevertheless cause discomfort at the table, can be certainly be handled next week. Or, if you are really in a good mood, think about bringing it up again on January 2nd. We don’t want to mess up Christmas either!

Let’s enjoy Thanksgiving in a spirit of love and grace, and remember to extend those warm feelings to our families.

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We Catholics- a Grand Lot! Why Do We Irritate Them So?

By , May 4, 2011 5:01 am

The Catholic Church is the largest voluntary membership organization on the planet. It’s organized in at least 180 different nations. It’s story stretches back 2000 years, and it strives on a daily basis to educate millions of young people to care for other millions of sick and elderly people. It overall is given credit for extraordinary activities for the betterment of the human family.

Why do so many people hate it? I find that a fascinating question, and I’d like to talk about it for a half dozen blogs or so. To begin with, I will divide those ill-disposed into Catholicism into two major groups: those who dislike one or another aspect of Catholicism due to some regrettable misconception or misunderstanding of an aspect of the Church, and the second group (I’m not sure which is the larger of the two groups) is one who’s hostility and anger is generated by incompetent, mismanaged or merely stupid policies emmanating from the Church itself.

Let me start with the first group. Tune in on Friday and I’ll endeavor to explain why the Catholic Church usually restricts the reception of the Eucharist to its own baptized and committed members.

Hold your anger!

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