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A New Jim Crow Comes in the Back Door

By , July 14, 2010 7:55 am

Many sensitive Americans are very proud of racial progress that the nation has made since the first major civil rights act in 1964.  This act was quickly followed by The Open Housing, The Voter Rights and a number of other breakthroughs on the racial front was a tremendous step forward.  Together they were the crowning achievement of civil rights leaders working in tandem with Lyndon Johnson.  Everything is a lot better now, right?  WRONG!

A startling new book, written by Michele Alexander of the ACLU, entitled The New Jim Crow has just been published.  In my opinion, the book meaningfully documents that the evils of Jim Crow have been returned in a very indirect manner.  Alexander contends that mass incarceration of black men for non-violent drug offenses, combined with sentencing disparities and laws making it legal to discriminate against felons, public housing, employment, education and voting constitute nothing less than a new racial caste system, a new segregation.

The book goes on to document that according to federal statistics whites use drugs at roughly equal rate in percentage terms.  In terms of raw numbers, whites are far bigger users in illegal drugs.  The difference?  Racial profiling by police.

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