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An Interesting Time…

By , February 10, 2014 5:17 am

You don’t really have to be too bright to notice them! They are all around you and they pop up more frequently. Today I am referring to telltale signs of no longer being a kid. Many times I feel like a kid. Regretfully, sometimes people tell me that I act like a kid. However, I am clearly aware of the fact that I am not a kid! Being very close to my 84th birthday, one sarcastic priest told me, “John, you are not 84. You are six years from 90.”

Some of the signs are obvious. I can’t lift the same weights that I used to be able to handle easily. I can’t walk very far. I don’t require as much nourishment in this chapter of my life and if I don’t abide by the fact that it is not required, I find that I have to have alterations on my pants. These are all signs but for me, they are all happy signs.
As I see the 90’s on the horizon, I see so many advantages that I have to say I consider this chapter, for me at least, to be a very happy chapter. Here are some of the reasons.

I have said goodbye to many of my friends but those who are still traveling with me are much more appreciated and I thank God for them. I want to take advantage of any opportunity to visit with them, to celebrate our lives, to look back with laughter and to look ahead with confidence. I don’t think that I have any close friends who are atheists, although there is one guy who is on the fence. He is just waiting to see all the answers up there in the sky.

Big problems that I used to face, crises that I struggled through, serious mistakes that I made, all seem to be more clearly in focus. I got through them and when I think about them I cannot help but smile. Was I really that serious? Was I really that worried?

I am very blessed as far as health is concerned. I consider myself rather healthy, being burdened only by sleep apnea, arrhythmia, certain Irish skin problems, congestive heart failure, arthritis in both knees (I’ve got new hips!), and early glaucoma. As I am compiling this list, I am thinking about putting baldness on it but I don’t think it fits into the same category.

All and all, I consider it a happy time. God has blessed me by allowing me to grow up in a small but loving family in Houston, with a very interesting life, a sea of wonderful friends and a faith that makes me very confident of what happens after the next step.

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