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Paul Proclaims Christ’s Divinity

By , April 12, 2014 5:49 am

April 13th, Palm Sunday

In discussing last week’s scriptures, I described that text from St. John’s Gospel as one of my favorites in the entire New Testament. Well, I am going to say that again because today’s text from St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians is able to put in front of us a statement about Jesus of Nazareth that, in one or two sentences, summarizes the totality of salvation and the reality that we see and experience from our faith in our Divine Lord. Paul is writing to the Church in Philippi and they have had their problems. That is why he needed to write the letter. But in the second chapter, he uses words that are startling, clear and definitive.

He tells you and me that we should have an attitude in life like Christ. Christ, of course, loved his Heavenly Father and was willing to make any sacrifice necessary in order to redeem the human family. Then these words leap out at us:
(Jesus Christ) “Though he was by nature God
Did not consider being equal to God a thing to be clung to
But emptied himself taking the nature of a slave.”

What an awesome statement. We should say it over and over in our morning or evening prayers. Paul is telling us what is the overwhelming reality of our spiritual journey. God has been here. God has come to us. God has been one with us. And God invites us to pass via the salvific life and work of Jesus to share eternal life with him forever and ever.

In this Holy Week, we will have a great deal of time to think about our own lives, the status of our own souls and the eternal reward that is awaiting us as we approach our own death and resurrection.

We are to be one with Jesus forever and ever.

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The Lord’s Prayer

By , July 24, 2013 5:10 am

Is it not amazing that we are here 2,000 years after Jesus walked among us and we have a prayer that most likely he himself taught to his apostles. I am referring to the Lord’s Prayer which we popularly call the “Our Father”. All of us are familiar with it but the fact is that along with the angelic salutation (The Hail Mary, for your information!), we seem to say it so often that we don’t really take the time to think about it. It seems obvious to the people of faith that each of us should want to pray using the words that come from our Lord himself and to offer that prayer as thoughtfully as possible.

It is a great prayer. First, we worship him. “Hallowed be thy name.” Then we express hope about our future. “Your Kingdom come.”(We all want to get there, don’t we?) Help us as we struggle with life today. “Give us this day our daily bread.” We recognize our weaknesses. “Forgive us our sins.” We assert that we are willing to forgive those around us, sometimes a more difficult part of the program. “As we forgive those who trespass against us.” And then please help us as we struggle forward. Don’t let our problems be too heavy. Now there is a prayer that covers virtually every important aspect of our spiritual journey.

All prayers are heard but not everything that we pray for is in our best interests. Trust God to know the difference. We need to pray but always with humility, patience, trust and confidence.

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